What does my commune do ?

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is divided into 105 communes.

Under the supervision of the central authorities, the commune has the power to manage its heritage, territory and interests using its own bodies.

Each commune has a communal council, which consists of the Bourgmestre (Mayor), the Échevins (Aldermen) and the communal councillors. They are directly elected every six years by the inhabitants of the commune.

The daily management of the commune is ensured by the Collège de Bourgmestre and Échevins (Echevinal College) - a body within the communal council and the commune's executive branch, responsible for daily administration.

Your municipality has a wide range of responsibilities which have a direct impact on your daily life ! Here are some of them...

  • Primary school, childcare centre, and crèche facilities
  • Cultural facilities (arts centre, music school, theatre, etc.)
  •  Sports facilities
  • Organisation of public transport and shuttle services
  •  Social cohesion and integration of the municipality's residents
  •  Social welfare, social welfare offices and education grants
  • Ecological initiatives (Climate pact)
  • Drinking water supply
  • Municipal and urban development (planning permission)
  • Waste sorting and management
  • etc.  


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