It’s easy to register.  Just go to the local administration office in the commune where you live until the 13th of July 2017 and bring a valid identity document (ID card, passport).

Some municipalities open their doors outside of regular working hours to allow foreign residents to sign on to the electoral register. Click here to see a list of participating municipalities.

By signing on to the electoral register for communal elections, you are not automatically given the right to vote in European elections.  These use two different lists, and you need to sign on for each one separately.

Find out more: Sign on to the electoral register for the communal elections

Good to know

  • any foreign voter may request to be removed from the electoral register,
  • every registered voter will receive a letter from their communal administration indicating the day of the elections and the opening hours of the local polling booth. This letter also contains instructions for the voter and the list of candidates.
  • Each voter is automatically re-registered for subsequent communal elections and is required to vote. If a person moves away, they are automatically transferred to the electoral register of the new commune.
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